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File #: 2024-0255    Version: 1
Type: Proclamation Status: Adopted
File created: 3/8/2024 In control: City Council
On agenda: 3/12/2024 Final action: 3/12/2024
Enactment date: 3/12/2024 Enactment #: 157
Effective date: 3/12/2024    
Title: WHEREAS, planting certain flowering plants, especially native plants that attract beneficial insects to pollinate vegetables, trees and plants is known as a "pollinator garden";
Sponsors: Deborah L. Gross, Robert Charland, Erika Strassburger, All Members


WHEREAS, planting certain flowering plants, especially native plants that attract beneficial insects to pollinate vegetables, trees and plants is known as a “pollinator garden”;



WHEREAS, pollinators help humans and other animals by pollinating many food sources, and pollinator gardens provide a space that can assist with CO2 emissions while also adding to a beautiful and natural communal area;


WHEREAS, specific pollinator plants are needed for pollinators to reproduce, and only 25% of flowering plants fall into that category. 200,000 animal species are considered actors of pollination and can provide vital resources to plants;


WHEREAS, pollinators improve the quality and quantity of farmers’ crop yields;


WHEREAS, one in every three bites of food and over 150 crops are brought to us by pollinators;


WHEREAS, pollination is on the decline, as the population of wild bees has declined over 23% in the past decade, affecting the well-being of animals and food production alike. The US economy will suffer as a result of a major drop in the food supply in the agriculture industry;


WHEREAS, habitat loss, invasive species, pesticide exposure, and disease pose the biggest threat to pollinators, with domestic honey bee hives decreasing in number by 59% since 60 years ago;


WHEREAS, climate change is a social justice and equity issue, disproportionately affecting people of color and people in poverty, thereby exacerbating existing inequities and limiting equality of opportunity;


WHEREAS, in the interest of food stability for future generations, pollinator gardens serve as a great tool;


WHEREAS, pollinator gardens can provide community engagement, learning opportunities and beautify our communities;


WHEREAS, increasing pollinator gardens and pollinator-friendly plants, especially native plantings, within our Pittsburgh gardens and community, whether in areas of former infrastructure or public spaces, can enrich our ecosystem's biodiversity, and in turn provide platforms for education regarding nutrition, health, and wellness;


WHEREAS, The Youth Steering Committee of Humane Action Pittsburgh has been researching and fundraising for pollinator gardens that help Pittsburgh gardens and ecosystems flourish;


WHEREAS, The Council of the City of Pittsburgh is committed to protecting our children and future generations;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh does hereby declare March 12th, 2024 to be "Pittsburgh Pollinator Day" in the City of Pittsburgh and encourages all residents to celebrate and promote the importance of pollinators, the creation of pollinator gardens, and the protection of their habitats for the betterment of our community and the environment.