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File #: 2021-2300    Version: 1
Type: Resolution Status: Passed Finally
File created: 12/10/2021 In control: Committee on Urban Recreation
On agenda: 12/14/2021 Final action: 12/28/2021
Enactment date: 12/28/2021 Enactment #: 914
Effective date: 12/30/2021    
Title: Resolution providing for the designation and transfer of certain public properties within the Hill District and Polish Hill neighborhoods from the Greenways for Pittsburgh Program and other adjacent vacant properties under City ownership to be formalized and adopted as a City park.
Attachments: 1. 2021-2300 Cover Letter-Bigelow Greenway - Letter, 2. Summary 2021-2300


Resolution providing for the designation and transfer of certain public properties within the Hill District and Polish Hill neighborhoods from the Greenways for Pittsburgh Program and other adjacent vacant properties under City ownership to be formalized and adopted as a City park.



WHEREAS, adopted plans such as OpenSpacePGH, the City’s Open Space Parks and Recreation Plan, and OnePGH, the City’s resilience strategy, recommend having residents within ½ mile or a ten-minute walk to a City Park or open space, and


WHEREAS, an expansion of the parks system is expected to benefit the Hill District and Polish Hill neighborhoods in many ways, including:


1.                     Providing equitable access to parks throughout the City;

2.                     The expansion of natural areas and open spaces to create a comprehensive network that includes a better balance of landscapes;

3.                     The preservation of Pittsburgh’s character-defining hillsides, views, and scenic resources;



Be it resolved by the Council of the City of Pittsburgh as follows:


Section 1.                     That City Council will dedicate the Subject Properties within the Hill District and Polish Hill neighborhoods that are primarily currently known as the Bigelow Greenway as “Bigelow Park”, pending a permanent name by recommendation of the City’s Naming Commission and action of City Council per Chapter 173 of the Code:


o                     9-M-44

o                     9-M-40

o                     9-M-43

o                     9-M-44

o                     9-M-42

o                     9-M-39

o                     10-A-90

o                     10-E-240

o                     9-M-37

o                     9-M-35

o                     9-M-38

o                     9-M-32

o                     9-M-32A

o                     9-M-30

o                     9-M-29

o                     9-M-28

o                     9-M-27

o                     9-M-4

o                     9-M-7

o                     9-M-9

o                     9-H-128

o                     9-H-130

o                     9-H-132

o                     9-M-31

o                     9-M-25

o                     9-M-20

o                     9-M-18

o                     9-M-15

o                     9-M-11

o                     9-H-144

o                     9-H-145

o                     9-H-147

o                     9-H-150

o                     9-H-151

o                     9-H-152

o                     9-H-160

o                     9-H-162

o                     9-H-163

o                     9-H-164

o                     9-H-165

o                     9-H-166

o                     9-H-191

o                     25-R-160

o                     25-P-150-0-1

o                     25-P-87

o                     25-P-88

o                     25-P-71

o                     25-P-61

o                     25-P-60

o                     25-P-57

o                     25-P-56

o                     25-P-55

o                     25-P-54

o                     25-P-52

o                     25-P-53

o                     10-B-67

o                     10-B-66

o                     10-B-65

o                     10-B-64

o                     10-B-25

o                     10-B-26

o                     10-B-27

o                     10-B-28

o                     10-B-20

o                     10-B-18

o                     10-B-116

o                     10-E-226

o                     10-E-225

o                     10-E-224

o                     10-E-223

o                     10-E-221

o                     10-E-220

o                     10-E-221

o                     10-E-219

o                     10-E-218

o                     10-E-217

o                     10-E-216

o                     10-E-214

o                     10-E-213

o                     10-E-211

o                     10-E-209

o                     10-E-206

o                     9-H-189

o                     9-H-187

o                     9-H-186

o                     9-H-185

o                     9-H-182

o                     9-H-176

o                     P-H-175

o                     9-H-174

o                     9-H-173

o                     9-H-172

o                     9-M-86

o                     9-M-80

o                     9-M-85

o                     9-M-84

o                     9-M-83

o                     9-M-79

o                     9-M-78

o                     9-M-76

o                     9-M-75

o                     9-M-74


Section 2.             The Department of Finance shall take appropriate action to secure, transfer, and convey all right, title, and interest, if any, in the Subject Properties from the County of Allegheny and School District of the City of Pittsburgh to the City after the properties are dedicated as a City Park.