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File #: 2021-2100    Version: 1
Type: Will of Council Status: Adopted
File created: 10/26/2021 In control: City Council
On agenda: 10/26/2021 Final action: 10/26/2021
Enactment date: 10/26/2021 Enactment #: 719
Effective date:    
Title: WHEREAS October 24th through 30th, 2021 marks National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week; and,
Sponsors: Erika Strassburger, Corey O'Connor, Deborah L. Gross, Bobby Wilson
WHEREAS October 24th through 30th, 2021 marks National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week; and,

WHEREAS lead, the metal (Pb), is a neurotoxin that that enters the body through contact with lead- containing paint, dust, soil and drinking water; and,

WHEREAS there is no safe blood lead level, especially in children under the age of 6; and,

WHEREAS the effects of lead poisoning are cumulative and irreversible; causing permanent neurological and physiological damage in young children as well as adults; and,

WHEREAS even small amounts of lead in the blood, at levels below the threshold used by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to identify children as poisoned, can lead to impaired memory, decreased academic performance, and impulsivity, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, and other behavioral disorders; and,

WHEREAS lead exposure also causes health concerns for adults, such as cardiovascular disease, adverse neurological effects, renal damage, thyroid hormone alterations, and decreased fertility; and,

WHEREAS from 2015 through 2019, 849 children in the City of Pittsburgh were newly confirmed with lead poisoning, representing approximately 39% of all new cases in the County; and,

WHEREAS in Pittsburgh, as in many municipalities, children of color have been and continue to be disproportionately impacted by lead exposure and lead poisoning;

WHEREAS, lead poisoning is preventable; the key is primary prevention, which includes testing, identifying and remediating lead hazards before children are affected, is necessary to avoid and mitigate lead exposure and poisoning; and,

WHEREAS an adequate supply of safe, pure drinking water is essential to the public health, safety and welfare, and that supply is an important natural resource in economic development;

WHEREAS lead in water is a risk not only when water is consumed directly, but also when contaminated water is used to cook food and prepare formula;

WHEREAS, monetary and tech...

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