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Fields Searched

1. File # - searches the designated file numbers or enactment numbers of legislation.
2. Text - searches the text of the legislation for keywords.
3. Attachments - searches for keywords in the names and content of attachments of legislative files.
4. Other info - searches related information, such as the legislation type, status, sponsor, etc.

For even greater control, please visit the Advanced Search page.

Search Terms

Single word - entering a single word in the search field will return any records with that word.
Example: water
Returns: all items with the word "water"

Multiple words - entering multiple words without using logic control words will return records that contain all of the words.
Example: high water bill
Returns: only items that contain each of the words "high" and "water" and "bill"

Multiple words (with quotes) - entering multiple words enclosed in double quotes will retrieve items with those exact words or phrase exactly as entered.
Example: "high water bill"
Returns: only items that contain the exact phrase "high water bill"

Wildcard (asterisk) - entering a word followed by an asterisk (wildcard) will return records that contain that word or words that have more letters wherever the asterisk is placed.
Example: water*
Returns: only items with the word "water" in them, or variations like "watered" and "watery" but not "backwater" as the wildcard is only placed after the word and not before it

Logic Control Words

OR - search supports the logical "OR" operator. This will search for records that contain either one or both of the search terms on either side of the logic control word.
Example: drinking or water
Returns: all records that contain just the word "drinking" or just the word "water" or records that contain both

AND NOT - search supports the logical "AND NOT" operator. This will search for all records that, within each single field, contain the first search term, but excludes any items that contain the second search term.
Example: water and not sewer
Returns: any records that contain the word "water" but do not include the word "sewer", within each single field

Tips & Tricks

Search supports providing a date in order to search any of the applicable date fields (such as final action date). Make sure to include "other info".
Example: 6/29/09

Search supports limiting the results to a specific legislation year or type.
Example: pick 2009 in the listing of years and pick Resolution in the listing of types

Search supports combining wildcards with control words.
Example: water* and not revenue

*Note - special characters (!, #, %, etc.) aren’t searchable by text searches.