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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
All Members Primary Legislative Body   
Briefing Briefing   
City Clerk City Clerk 1 
City Council Primary Legislative BodyCouncil Chambers8 
Committee on Finance and Law CommitteeCouncil Chambers7 
Committee on Hearings Public HearingCouncil Chambers8 
Committee on Hearings and Policy Public HearingCouncil Chambers  
Committee on Human Resources CommitteeCouncil Chambers7 
Committee on Innovation, Performance and Asset Management CommitteeCouncil Chambers8 
Committee on Innovation, Performance, Asset Management, and Technology CommitteeCouncil Chambers  
Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs CommitteeCouncil Chambers7 
Committee on Intergovernmental and Educational Affairs CommitteeCouncil Chambers  
Committee on Land Use and Economic Development CommitteeCouncil Chambers9 
Committee on Public Safety and Wellness CommitteeCouncil Chambers  
Committee on Public Safety Services CommitteeCouncil Chambers9 
Committee on Public Works CommitteeCouncil Chambers9 
Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure CommitteeCouncil Chambers  
Committee on Recreation, Youth, and Senior Services CommitteeCouncil Chambers  
Committee on Urban Recreation CommitteeCouncil Chambers9 
Executive Session Executive Session 8 
Post Agenda Post Agenda Council Chambers  
Standing Committee Standing CommitteeCouncil Chambers8